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Introducing Arvedo Arvedi: World Renown Italian Artist!

House of Kahn Estate Jewelers is honored to have received a beautiful work from world renowned Italian artist, Arvedo Arvedi!

Arvedo Arvedi was born in Verona, Italy in 1964 and grew up in the family villa, where a passion and love for painting was found throughout. Over the years, Arvedi has worked with many elite artist from around the globe. In 1993, Arvedi became very intrigued and influenced by American Pop Art. He began a monumental collaboration with artist John David Mooney here in Chicago that lasted over 10 years. Together, they worked on a number of large international projects, including “Stardance” for the Atlanta Olympics, “Light Muse” for the 150th anniversary of the Chicago Tribune”, “Gate for the 3rd Millennium” in Malta for the mark of the 1999/2000 New Year, and “Spiral Galaxy” for the Chicago Planetarium. Since then, Arvedi has moved to Rome, where he has also recently exhibited, along with areas including Barga, Verona, Venice, Matera, and Clusane! Arvedi has left an amazing impression on Chicago’s colorful art history.

You can learn more about Arvedo Arvedi at his website:

Or you can contact him at the information below:

Arvedo Arvedi

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 129
80121 Naples (Italy)

[Mobile]  +39 393 333 4953
[Skype]  arvedo1
[facebook] Arvedo Arvedi

 “Hollywood Dream” – At House of Kahn Estate Jewelers in Chicago from artist Arvedo Arvedi