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Investing in Estate Jewelry

Here at the House of Kahn Estate Jewelers we are committed to helping you, your family and friends understand the process of investing in Estate Jewels. We understand that at a time when the US dollar is unknown, it is hard to know where the best place to put your money is. During these unsure economical times, people are looking for a safe haven investment. We would like to suggest to you that investing your money in Estate Jewels can be that safe investment. People are interested in putting their money into something rare, like Estate Jewelry and its no wonder why with the record prices that have surged for the metals of platinum, gold and silver.

It has been said that the best jewelry investment will be timeless. Investing in Estate Jewelry is investing in items that are going to hold their appeal for the longest period of time. Buying fine Estate Jewelry is one way to give a beautiful gift that will also be an investment for the future. Please visit our News Page to read articles on the important topic of investing in jewels. The House of Kahn Estate Jewelers has been featured as an important source of information in prominent news papers such as The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Chicago Tribune.

A big part of the allure of Estate Jewelry for investors comes not from their romantic symbolism but from their practicality. Estate Jewels are easy to carry. An investor can easily carry thousands or even millions of dollars worth of jewels in a small pouch. Also, their value is not directly linked to the stock market, making them an ideal financial instrument that holds its value in times of recession and increases in value during inflation. In this way an Estate Jewelry investment is very similar to a commodities investment.

The compound materials such as diamonds, colored stones, gold, platinum and silver in Estate Jewels are certainly a commodity. They are a natural resource with limited supply; scarcity drives demand; it pays to buy them because value will go up; and they are becoming a serious hedge against inflation.

Estate Jewels are the most concentrated store of value that exists. They are tangible, portable and liquid investments.

Estate Jewels are different from other investments in the sense that they are extremely rare. And that is what ordinary savers look for when they want to store future purchasing power. Estate Jewels provide a tangible asset to hold onto in uncertain economic environments. Estate Jewels are effectively a currency which acts as a safe haven for investors and is often used as a portfolio diversifier.

Since the beginning of the 13th Century, jewels have offered protection and financing. One example would be Queen Isabella II, who funded the exploration of Christopher Columbus to the New World through the selling of her jewels. Another example would be those who fled their countries with only their jewels sewn in their pockets in hopes of finding a brighter future. Estate Jewels offer protection for people today and must be seriously considered as an investment, one that offers security and immeasurable value.

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