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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing your online order is simple and secured. After browsing through our catalogue, simply click on the plus “+” sign to add the item to your online shopping cart. Then, follow the directions for the checkout process. Your order will be placed once your credit card information is processed.

Additionally, if you find a product that you want to share as “a hint” to a loved one for an upcoming special day, you can add the product to your “wish list” and forward that list to anyone that you would like.

You may also place an order over the phone with our staff by calling (312) 943-9937.

Customer Service Hours:
Monday through Friday
10:00am to 3:00pm CST

We use the standard encryption technology in order to transfer and receive customer information, so your personal finances are safe and secure.

Currently, we are only able to process online orders with shipping addresses in the United States. Online merchandise will be shipped from our Chicago location. For shipping in the U.S., the following charges apply:

(Info coming soon)

If your order requires more than one shipment, you will be charged only one shipping fee.
Orders placed before 1:30PM CST will be shipped the following business day.

Complimentary shipping is available for orders exceeding $5,000

Purchased items are accepted for a refund of purchase if the item is returned in salable condition within 14 days of the original sale. It is strongly recommended that if you need to return a product, that you get adequate insurance on that item and ask for a signature on delivery, to protect your shipment.

Returns may be sent to the House of Kahn’s Chicago location.

900 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite L5-12
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 943-9937

If your item is shipping to an Illinois address, you will be charged the current tax rate of 10.25%.  Shipments to all other states will not be charged sales tax, but you should keep a record of your sale for tax purposes, and in accordance with your own state’s tax laws.

The House of Kahn website is growing more and more to accommodate the inventory found within our store locations, and we continually add merchandise to our online store.

In-store pickup is available for items ordered on the House of Kahn website at our store location.  Please be sure to select In-Store-Pickup when ordering.

900 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite L5-12
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 943-9937

To check on the status of your order, or verify shipment information, contact the House of Kahn directly at (312) 943-9937. Additionally, the contact page on this website can be used to contact us outside of customer service hours.

Prices of items within the House of Kahn catalogue are subject to change without notice. You can expect to be charged the price that is listed on the day of purchase.

For assistance with shipping, product information, or general inquiries, the House of Kahn will be able to take your call or schedule an appointment. Please direct your questions to our contact page or call us at (312) 943-9937.

The House of Kahn Estate Jewelers purchases all forms of estate jewelry from any time period.  We also purchase sterling silver flatware, tea sets, silver items, and objects of art.  In order to learn more about selling your estate jewelry, please contact us at (312)943-9937 or our contact page, and a representative will contact you in order to schedule a complimentary evaluation in-house or local to Palm Beach, FL or Chicago, IL.

Gem weights and measurements are defined by an estimated formula.  The House of Kahn Estate Jeweler’s collection comes to use from previously evaluated pieces, in some cases, and is unaffiliated with the appraisal of such items.  In some cases, the value and exact weights of stones are impossible to find without removing them. For this reason, the weights are approximated using the best abilities of the House of Kahn Estate Jewelers or other appraising body.

Any jewelry that has been previously owned is considered Estate Jewelry. The term “estate” refers to pieces that are sold by a single owner, rather than by a business. Estate Jewelry is commonly sold by original owners, heirs of the pieces owners, banks, or trust attorneys. The House of Kahn Estate Jewelers purchases jewels from all periods.

In uncertain economic times, sometimes there is more value in turning their old jewelry into liquid assets. Selling a family heirloom can sometimes open opportunities for other investments, or pressing expenses.

We consider the design, history, and maker of each piece of jewelry that comes in to the House of Kahn Estate Jewelers. We perform metal tests in front of our clients to determine the exact metal of each piece of jewelry, and identify special hallmarks through our jewelry lenses.

Contemporary pieces may often take retail values into consideration, however the most important trait in determining prices are the desirability and demand of your pieces.

Due to the specific evaluation every item receives, there are varying levels of offered value that depend on the individual items. Typically the cash value of a piece is anywhere up to fifty percent of the appraised value, although it can be much more.

In an auction house, there are much longer wait times to be paid. Additionally, the commission rate is drastically reduced. Auction houses can demand a great deal of time and effort, and still not be able to sell your jewels, instead returning them to you many months later.

The House of Kahn Estate Jewelers buys both gold and silver coins that can be either domesticated or foreign. Please feel free to make a no-obligation appointment by calling (312)-943-9937 or via the contact us page.